Do you consider to build your own RSE item? Don't you know how to start? Do you wonder whether a PV installation in the PPA model or a WTG one with an energy purchase will be better? Do you have production wastes and don't know how to turn it into electricity? Would you like to become a H2 prosumer? You received an offer and you would like to verify it? Make an appointment with me!

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How can I help?


I am about to verify the existing condition of your property for free. I will clarify your expectations, choose the sort of a generator for you and depict the possible investment implementation paths.


I will generate a conceptual design for the selected solution. I will create an energy analysis and financial efficiency account. I will present a variant economic simulation for each presented concept.


I will design a renewable energy installation according to previously agreed guidelines. The input for the project is historical and empirical data regarding the operational parameters of your properties.


I will select an appropriate and dedicated type of investment financing: conventional or through derivatives. The result of the selection is a comparative simulation of investment profitability.


I will prepare full formal documents enabling the initiation of the investment process. The service includes an investor supervision at the site of construction works as well.


It applies to any faulty renewable energy sources' installation. On-site visit and preparation of an expert opinion specifying design and construction defects of the renewable energy source.

About me

Dr Eng. Michael Modzelewski I am an electrical engineer, designer of renewable energy generators, supervision inspector, energy analyst and specialist in the investment and construction process in the renewable energy industry with almost 20 years of experience. I have been gaining my professional skills since 2004 on German construction sites of RSE.

Since 2009, I had been an engineer in some international renewable energy companies. I have designed renewable energy sources with a capacity of over 800 MW so far, e.g. [1]. I completed my PhD in photovoltaics both in Berlin [2] and Moscow [3].

I am an expert in the field of renewable energy at the Pomeranian Marshal's Office within RPO 2014-20 and 2021-27 [4], I am an author of countless technical and auction documentation, including: [5], [6] as well as many industry publications, including: [7], [8], [9], [10] and press [11].

Full resume can be found at Linkedin. I always act methodically and according to the iron rules of logic as well as and cause and effect.

What technologies do I deal with?

All technologies that generate electricity and heat flow from the absorption of renewable energy sources. Particularly photovoltaic, wind and fuel cell technologies. Technologies equipped with BESS systems. Adaptation of electricity generators to produce hydrogen as input in reformers is currently the leading trend of the circular economy. Storage of electrical energy (ESS), thermal (PCM) and hydrogen (compression). Heat pumps, including design works leading to define a heat demand of building (kJ).

What do I pay attention to?

On the accuracy of the analyzed data, reliability and validity. Before starting any analysis, I carefully verify the existing conditions of the investment area. I always ask for data that allows me to correctly assess the type and quantity of the medium needed. I pay particular attention to the functionality and ergonomics of the analyzed system. I design and assemble the components of each installation according to the investor's dedicated needs but not according to the specific components that the Bidder's company has in stock or has contracted.

How do I provide my service?

In remote or field form. To determine the form of cooperation, at least a telephone conversation or an online meeting is necessary. After determination of the investor's needs, we sign the contract. Before starting my work, an investor receives an invoice in advance for 40% of the agreed amount. I prepare the documents within 7 to 9 days from the date of register an advance payment. Ready documents in .pdf format are sent via e-mail along with the final invoice. After the investor pays the second part of the payment, I transfer the copyright to the investor.

Who is this all for?

For a large and medium business entities that consume a significant amounts of electricity and/or useful heat flow. My services are dedicated to all final users who consume grid electricity in tariff groups C as well as B. My services are addressed to serious investors interested in a highly complex hybrid installations. Industrial and service companies as well as local government units use my services. If you are interested in e.g., to establish your own energy cooperative, I will help you to make it. Call me!

VAT: 5833457849
A. Dulin Str 1A, box. 68
80-180 Gdańsk (Gdansk, PL)